Boxing & MMA Kits

Discover the power of top-tier fight gear with SMAI's Boxing & MMA Kits collection. Our kits deliver durability, comfort, and protection, empowering fighters, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts to reach their peak performance.

The collection includes the Elite85 Trainer Combo for fight trainers seeking top-quality gear, the Essentials Cardio Boxing Combo for cardio boxing beginners, and the Essentials Trainer Combo for cost-effective, quality training equipment. For the seasoned fighters, the Elite85 MMA Fighter Combo, Boxing Fighter Set, and Kickboxing Fighter Combo offer premium gear for high-intensity training and bouts.

With our Boxing & MMA Kits collection, you're not just buying a set of products; you're investing in a legacy of quality, performance, and authenticity. Get ready to train harder, fight smarter, and perform better with SMAI.