Weight Plates

SMAI has an extensive range of Olympic weight bumper plates. Including bumper plates & sets, change plates as well as storage solutions and much more.

Types of Weight Plates

Olympic Weight Plates

Definition and Use: An Olympic weight plate is a type of weightlifting equipment crafted specifically for Olympic barbells. These barbells are the gold standard in weightlifting competitions, including the Olympics. The hole in the center of an Olympic weight plate measures 2 inches in diameter, ensuring a tight fit on Olympic bars. This minimizes wobbling and shifting when you're lifting.

Olympic weight plates are available in a range of weights, typically from 2.5 to 45 pounds or even more. These varied weights let athletes and fitness buffs gradually up their lifting game. By progressively increasing the weight they lift, they can drive muscle growth and boost strength.

Design and Material: Most Olympic weight plates are crafted from cast iron. They can have a protective coating of materials like rubber, chrome, or urethane. This not only safeguards the plates but also ensures your floor remains scratch-free. Plus, it cuts down on the noise during your workouts. While most of these plates are round, you might come across some with grip handles, making them easier to haul and load onto a barbell.

Every plate is clearly labeled with its weight. This helps in quickly figuring out the weight and loading the barbell to hit your desired weight.

In the realm of weightlifting, both Olympic weight plates and bumper plates hold significant importance. While traditional Olympic plates offer versatility and are apt for a range of strength workouts, bumper plates stand out due to their distinct design and materials. These are particularly favored by Olympic weightlifters and those into CrossFit, given their ability to endure the stresses of being dropped from significant heights. The choice between the two largely depends on an individual's training objectives and requirements.