The Best Home Gym Essentials

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to create your dream home gym? If so, you’ve probably found yourself wondering, ”What home gym equipment is best?”. If you’re going to invest in creating a home gym, its important to purchase equipment that is suitable for your personal fitness goals and fits within the space you've designated! Check out SMAIs guide to the best home gym essentials. 

Top 7 Home Gym Essentials 


Racks are the staple for any home gym, especially if you’re planning on lifting heavy. From squats, to bench press, a solid rack is going to support your hefty lifts. 

Some more advanced racks even offer additional attachments such as cables, pull up bars and dipping bars, making racks the perfect all round workout station.

Our Favorite Rack

Our favorite rack for every home gym is the Half Power Rack With Plate Loaded Lateral Pull Down / Rower. It is an all round workout hub with a range of fun attachments including monolift arms, dip station, safety spotter arms, landmine trainer and knee pad leg stabilizer. It includes a lateral pull down and rower cable system, increasing your workout options even further. With plenty of storage for your plates, this is the ultimate rack option for your home gym workouts.


Weight Plates

Weight plates are essentials in any gym as they allow you adjust your workouts to match how strong you are and what you want to achieve with your fitness. They can be used in many different ways, so you can create workouts that fit you as you get stronger. 

Our Favorite Weight Plates

If you’re looking for affordable, all round weight plates, we recommend our HD Bumper Plates. Designed to look aesthetic whilst withstanding daily wear and tear, they are the perfect addition to your home gym set up. Each different weight is associated with a different color eliminating confusion during workouts. 



Barbells serve as the carrier for your weight plates, with a wide array of options to choose from in the market. Choosing a sturdy barbell is important if you want to get the most out of your home gym workouts. 

Our Favorite Barbells

The most affordable, all round premium barbell for a home gym is the 20kg Olympic Barbell. It can take a maximum load of 1500lbs and are designed to assist you with quick moves and heavy lifts. 


Dumbbells are a fantastic addition to home gyms, providing the versatility to train each arm individually or engage both simultaneously for a well-rounded workout. Their design enables targeted muscle engagement, allowing for independent muscle work and fostering a more personalized fitness experience at home.

Our favorite dumbbells

For epic grip and efficiency, we recommend purchasing the Rubber Hex Dumbbells. With enhanced, rubber design, there is no concern of these dumbbells slipping out of your grip. They also designed with the weight number clearly marked on each end, making it easy to select the right weight for your exercise.  




Kettlebells are an essential must-have for any home gym, adding dynamic versatility to your workout routine. When choosing kettlebells, it's important to prioritize durability, comfort, and a solid grip. This ensures a training experience that's both safe and effective during your workouts. 

Our Favorite Kettlebells 

For a home gym space, our Cast Iron Kettlebells are the perfect addition. Designed with durability in mind, you have peace of mind that they can withstand grueling home workouts. Whether you’re doing kettle bell swings or alternating bicep curls, the powder - coated surface will ensure excellent grip. Ranging in physical size and color bands, they are easy to differentiate.  




Adding a bench to your home gym makes your workouts more flexible because you'll have a special surface for exercises that need stability and support. Plus, a bench lets you do a wider variety of exercises, so you can work on different muscles without leaving your home.

Our Favorite Benches 

Adjustable Weights Bench

Our adjustable weights bench provides raised and flat bench positions as well as extending to a decline position that works a different muscle set. Having these benches is a great way to ensure maximum workout options in a home gym space.

Flat Bench

Flat benches are a staple and provide a heavy duty platform for you to do an extensive range of functional exercises with heavy weights. 



Effective storage is a key element in a home gym setup, not only conserving precious space but also minimizing the risk of injuries stemming from cluttered and disorganized equipment. By keeping everything neatly arranged, you create a safer and more functional environment that maximizes your workout experience.

Our Favorite Storage Options 

Storage is super important in order to maximize your home gym area. Versatile storage options are a great avenue to go as they will allow you to store different equipment in one place. A great option is the SMAI storage rack for kettlebells, slam balls and wall balls. The shelves are lined with rubber to protect whatever gear you choose to store. Its easy to assemble and with a sleek design, it won’t take up unnecessary room in your space. 

If you’ve got a bigger home gym and own a few barbells, we recommend purchasing barbell storage. This will keep all your barbells stored away in the corner and save you heaps of space. It also reduces the risk of you tripping over a stray barbell and injuring yourself. 

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